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AI Project Manager

Butler knows what your team is doing and understands the context of your projects. Summarizes meetings, keeps track of dates, and organizes project activities.

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Meeting assistant

More than just someone to take meeting notes

With our handy integrations, you'll get a full transcript of every meeting you hold.

Butler will recognize actionable outcomes and key decisions made so everyone knows what was discussed, what is the task, and when it's due.

Focus on the meeting itself, rather than writing down the summary.

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Prepares you for every meeting

Tell us who you're looking for - it's either someone's phone number, e-mail, or LinkedIn profile.

Profiler is trained to search for information about people and companies on social networks, websites, and open databases.

Its database has over 3 billion trusted identity and corporate profiles and we are constantly enriching them.
Butler will automatically organize the information into a detailed and easy-to-digest report.

Extremely helpful for startups and business owners with due diligence process.

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Brainstorm buddy

Creativity on demand

With our automated creativity tools, you can generate useful content in seconds. Get the first ideas from Brainstorm Buddy and after that, dig deeper to get some really valuable insights.

It has templates for branding, business model, headlines, social media posts, product descriptions, and much more.

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Packed with awesome skills

And we're adding new skills every month


Schedule meetups, jot down agenda, send invitations

Connect calendar


Send in bullet points, get back ready-made texts

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Contact manager

Augment personal information automatically after adding new contact

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Ensure assigned tasks will be completed on the dot



Convert your regular meetups to searchable conversation logbook

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Extract meaningful information from longreads.


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